Instantly report an issue to city council through your phone

Fix My City provides a platform where residents can report any issues to the local authority without having to visit council offices.

Report, view and update on local issues

How to report issue is interactive

Download the Fix My City app from the Play Store / App Store or say ‘Hi’ to +263781653445 via WhatsApp.
Submit details about an issue you are experiencing or that you encountered.
You receive a ticket number and the issue is forwarded to Bulawayo City Council.
Use the Fix My City app to track your tickets as well as other issues within Bulawayo.

Key app features

Report issues

From the comfort of your home or office, you can report an issue to city council. Imagine that, no queues!

Issue tracking

Get information on the status of your issue. You can also track issues around the city and see the effectiveness of your city council .

Updates on issues

Give and receive updates on open or reoccurring issues within and around the city.

Access the Fix My City platforms

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